Most people think that Rice Crispy Treats are already gluten-free. This is not true. Years ago all rice crispy cereal was gluten-free until the big brands decided to start rolling their puffed rice in Barley Malt to act as a preservative. There are only a very few brands that do not roll their rice in Barley Malt. We use only 100% gluten-free ingredients and no extra additives.


 We are not yet Gluten-free certified, as a small business the cost of certification is not yet obtainable. While we work towards making that a reality we work hard to ensure everything we do is gluten-free!


  If you have Celiacs, There is no need to worry about any gluten in any of our treats. Rest assured, with tons of testimonials from many of our Celiac customers, Our treats are completely safe and 100% free from gluten. 





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